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The Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area is home to some of the best schools, colleges and universities in the country. 

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Below is a list of area schools and some brief facts about each district. For more information, visit each school website by clicking on its name.

Barnesville (MN) Public School
Communities: Barnesville, Baker, Comstock, Downer, Rollag, Wolverton, MN
Facilities: Elementary School located in Barnesville comprised of Grades K-5; High School also located in Barnesville holding Grades 6-12.

Central Cass (ND) Public School
Communities: Casselton, Chaffee, Embden, Lynchburg, Amenia, Wheatland, Prosper, Absaraka, Durbin & Mapleton, ND (Note: Mapleton has its own district with only an elementary school)
Facilities: One location split into three sections: Elementary: Pre-K-Grade 5; Middle School: Grades 6-8; High School: Grades 9-12

Dilworth Glyndon Felton (MN) Public School
Communities: Dilworth, Glyndon, Felton, MN
Facilities: Two Elementary Schools (Grades K-5)- one in Dilworth, one in Glyndon; Middle School (Grades 6-8) in Dilworth; High School (Grades 9-12) in Glyndon

Fargo (ND) Public School
Communities: Fargo
Facilities: 16 Elementary Schools (K-5); 3 Middle Schools (6-8); 3 High Schools (9-12); 1 Alternative High School
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Hawley (MN) Public School
Communities: Hawley
Facilities: Elementary (K-6) & High School (7-12) are in separate buildings in Hawley

Kindred (ND) Public School
Communities: Kindred, Davenport, Hickson, Leonard, Oxbow & Walcott.
Facilities: Elementary (K-6) & High School (7-12) are in separate buildings in Kindred

Moorhead (MN) Public School
Communities: Moorhead
Facilities: 5 Elementary Schools; 1 Middle School; 1 High School

Northern Cass (ND) Public School
Communities: Argusville, Arthur, Gardner, Grandin and Hunter, ND
Facilities: One School centrally located along Cass County 26 housing Grades K-12

Richland 44 (ND) School District
Communities: Abercrombie, Christine, Colfax, Galchutt
Facilities: Elementary School (K-6) in Abercrombie; High School (7-12) in Colfax

West Fargo (ND) School District
Communities: Harwood, Horace, West Fargo
Facilities: 14 Elementary Schools (K-5); 2 Middle Schools (6-8); 2 High Schools (9-12)
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Private Schools
Dakota Montessori School
JP II Catholic Schools Network
Goddard School
Grace Lutheran School
Oak Grove Lutheran School
Park Christian School
St. Joseph's School

Two & Four Year Colleges
Concordia College
Minnesota State Community & Technical College
Minnesota State University Moorhead
North Dakota State College of Science
North Dakota State University
Rasmussen College
University of Jamestown
University of Mary - Fargo Campus